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Vacations – Why Are They So Stressful?

Most of us take time off of work to reduce stress and anxiety. If you are planning to take a trip or some time off during the Holidays, you may also want to plan for the stress that a vacation can bring on. We spend months planning and looking forward to our vacation.  We think . . . Continue Reading »

Money Anxiety – A Growing Epidemic

Mortgage. Bills. Debt. Taxes. Retirement. College Tuition. Is your pulse racing yet? Regardless of the socio-economic class, we all seem to be worried about money. And it’s no wonder that when clients come to therapy, a hot topic they wish to discuss is about the anxiety caused by their financial circumstances. Money Anxiety. Many people . . . Continue Reading »

Career Coaching Corner – Are You Happy With Your Job?

The answer, of course, is based on your definition of “happiness”. When people walk in to my office for career coaching, we always start with this question: “If you could choose anything else in the world to do, with no obstacles in the way, would choose a different career?” “Yes”, most say, followed by “But . . . Continue Reading »