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Life Transitions

Developing strategies for change is part of all of our lives. Managing the adjustments we need to make about the issues of careers, school, relationships and finances can be difficult. Coping with grief, medical issues, parenting and aging are challenging for all of us. Life transitions can cause fear – partially because we don’t know what to expect. You know you need help when a life-problem gets increasingly difficult to manage and negatively impacts your thinking or your day-to-day functioning. That is when short-term counseling can help.

When we move into times of our lives that are considered developmental milestones, managing the changes that occur can be challenging and stressful. In an ever-changing society where pressures for success surround us, we can feel overwhelmed when something happens that throws us into uneasiness or strife.

  • Young people may struggle with teenage development, leaving for college, budding relationships, sexuality, or moving towards independence.
  • Adults may struggle with financial difficulty, medical issues, empty nest syndrome, care-taking of aging parents, or acceptance of their own aging process.
  • Many individuals struggle with career issues such as job search, discovering a new career path, or coping with unemployment.
  • Couples may struggle with changing roles, trust, problems of intimacy, or poor communication. Learning new parenting skills and remaining consistent with children can also influence how to manage your relationship with your significant other.
  • Families may struggle as children grow, as roles change, or when the entire family system is affected by one member’s depression, anxiety, or eating disorder. Divorce, blended families, death of a loved one – all impact and cause major unrest in the family system.

We all need Life Strategies at these times to discover solutions for problems that may seem overwhelming in the moment, but are all part of the human condition. As a therapist who also provides short-term counseling, I believe that some of us just need help to navigate a particular situation.

Whether it is providing you career counseling, help with grief, or social/relationship skills, short-term counseling offers the perfect way to get expert psychological help to cope with a life-adjustment. Even when we deal with the problems of loss, we can also find ways to take a step towards growth. Together we will focus on practical methods that will allow you to think more realistically about change and to learn to embrace life transitions as opportunities for personal development and life fulfillment. A key component of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) involves learning methods to cope with the anxiety that results from changes in life circumstances. Developing and furthering skill sets in decision making, problem solving and communication have the long-lasting benefit of being available to you to utilize for the next inevitable life transition.

To learn more about short-term counseling for life transitions, please contact me for a free initial phone consultation.

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